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Path To Well-Being In Law: Episode 15 – Larry Krieger

Transcript: CHRIS NEWBOLD: Hello, Well-Being friends, welcome to The Path to Well-Being in Law Podcast, an initiative of The Institute for Well-Being in Law. I'm your co-host, Chris Newbold, Executive Vice President of ALPS Malpractice [...]

By |June 16th, 2021|Categories: Lawyer Wellbeing Podcast|0 Comments

Ransomware in the Supply Chain – Are You at Risk?

7 tips for protecting your community from attacks like the one on Colonial Pipeline   By LMG Security  The recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline showed just how “connected” we all are – and how an attack not only impacts the company itself, [...]

By |June 8th, 2021|Categories: Cyber & Law Tech|0 Comments

Debut Demo of the first-of-its-kind Virtual Ethics Risk Assessment at the ABA’s 46th Annual National Conference on Professional Responsibility

Missoula, Montana, June 3, 2021 —ALPS, the nation’s largest direct writer of lawyers’ malpractice insurance, today launched a free virtual resource for law firms looking to improve their practice and mitigate risk. The idea for [...]

Why Documenting What You’re Not Retained to Do Can Be Important Too

In my experience, too many lawyers appear to be quite comfortable running with an assumption that their client’s understanding of what the scope of representation is aligns with theirs.  This is one of the reasons [...]

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