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Why It’s Important to Listen to Your Employees

Every 18 months, ALPS conducts an anonymous employee-engagement survey to determine how our people are feeling about working here at ALPS. We have found that providing a space for feedback about our workplace allows people to [...]

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Don’t Fall for the Trust Account Scam

The idea of the Nigerian e-mail scam in which the rich Prince finds himself needing a few thousand dollars from you so that he can obtain his rightful kingdom and then reward you richly for [...]

What Lawyers Should Be Thinking About before Entering into an Of Counsel Relationship

The term “of counsel” has multiple meanings. It has been used as an honorary designation for retired partners, a special designation for firm attorneys who are neither a partner nor an associate, and to describe [...]

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Path To Well-Being In Law: Episode 17 – Jennifer Leonard

Transcript: CHRIS NEWBOLD: Hello, well-being friends and welcome to the Path to Well-Being in Law podcast, an initiative of the Institute for Well-Being in Law. I'm your cohost CHRIS:, Executive Vice President of ALPS Malpractice [...]

Why Don’t Malpractice Policies Typically Cover Consulting Work? Understanding the Ancillary Services Coverage Concern

Market forces drive change and, at times, even bring about innovation.  So, in response, when a lawyer or firm decides to adjust the business model in some fashion in order to stay relevant or drive [...]

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