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A Malpractice Avoidance Checklist

If you were to collect everything I (and many others like me) have written on risk management for lawyers, I suspect the collection would fill a tome or two; but sometimes less is more.  It [...]

Path To Well-Being In Law: Episode 13 – Paula Davis

Paula Davis JD, MAPP, is the Founder and CEO of the Stress & Resilience Institute, a training and consulting firm that partners with organizations to help them reduce burnout and build resilience at the team, [...]

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To Arbitrate or Not To Arbitrate? That Is the Question

Many states permit lawyers to include in their engagement agreements arbitration provisions which would require potential clients to arbitrate future malpractice claims. It is an issue with which many states are now grappling, so it [...]

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National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being Establishes Institute for Well-Being in Law

New nonprofit seeks to prioritize and improve well-being in the profession Washington – April 26, 2021: The National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being has launched a new nonprofit dedicated to advancing systemic change in the [...]

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ALPS In Brief – Episode 56: A 2L’s Tale of “Zoom Law School” and the Virtues of Virtual

  In March of 2020, just as Katie Peterson’s first year of law school was nearing its close, everything changed. As Katie rounds out a full year of remote law school, she and ALPS Claims [...]

Five Things You Can Do to Help Keep Your Malpractice Insurance Premium in Line

I have been a risk manager here at ALPS for well over two decades now, which helps explain why I personally view the purchase of legal malpractice insurance as a necessary expense.  Trust me, I [...]

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