ALPS CEO, David Bell, is a proud co-founder of Grateful Nation, a nonprofit organization located in Missoula, MT, the headquarters hometown of ALPS Corp. Grateful Nation was formed for the specific purpose of facilitating college educations for the children of soldiers killed while on active duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. The organization currently focuses solely on providing these resources and support to Montana military families.

In honor of Veterans Day, Montana’s leading newspaper, the Missoulian, ran an article featuring the work of Grateful Nation and an announcement of a new fundraising initiative.

“Starting on Tuesday, Veterans Day, Grateful Nation Montana is partnering with national high-end apparel maker Spyder and outdoor retailers Bob Ward and Sons in Missoula and Scheels All Sports in Great Falls to offer a limited release tactical sweater jacket, with 100 percent of profits going to support the organization’s mission.”

Read the entire Missoulian article here.

Visit the Grateful Nation website and Facebook page.

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