A Good Lawyer is a Healthy Lawyer

A Good Lawyer is a Healthy Lawyer

ALPS EVP Chris Newbold and longtime advocate for wellness in the legal profession named IWIL President for 2023. 

ALPS is excited to announce its Executive Vice President Chris Newbold has begun a one-year term as President of the Institute for Well-Being in Law (IWIL). Chris is one of three founding directors of IWIL and has been actively involved in the well-being movement since its inception. 

“It’s incredibly humbling to serve in a role focused on elevating the legal profession to new heights,” said Newbold, of Missoula, Montana. “IWIL’s vision to engineer a culture shift in the legal profession sets a high bar for success. Yet for our legal system to thrive as a bedrock of a high-functioning democracy, we need to nurture and advance the health, well-being, and workplace cultures of those who passionately serve within it.” 

The Institute for Well-Being in Law (IWIL) is the preeminent national think tank dedicated to advancing the legal profession’s approach to well-being. Through advocacy, research, education, technical and resource support, and stakeholder partnerships, IWIL’s driven to lead a culture shift in law to establish health and well-being as core centerpieces of professional success.  

Newbold enjoys a rich history of dedication and contribution to the well-being movement. As co-author of the movement-launching 2016 report The Path to Lawyer Well-Being: Practical Recommendations for Positive Change, his leadership as co-chair of the National Task Force on Lawyer Well-Being (the precursor to IWIL), his participation on the ABA’s Working Group to Advance Well-Being in the Legal Profession and his role as co-host The Path to Well-Being in Law podcast, Newbold has been at the forefront of advancing personal and professional satisfaction in all sectors of legal life. 


The lack of well-being in law culture is having heartbreaking impacts on this profession. We are shining a light on lawyer well-being and innovating toward a better legal culture.

“I’m beyond blessed to work for an employer like ALPS that genuinely cares about lawyers, the upward trajectory of the legal profession, and actively supports this cause I care so deeply about.  Fundamentally, to be a good lawyer, one has to be a healthy lawyer. And we have work to do in that area,” Newbold added.  

Bree Buchanan, fellow Task Force Co-Chair, Path to Well-Being podcast co-host, and immediate Past President of IWIL spoke highly of Newbold and his leadership abilities. “Chris is just the right person — with the right skill sets, passion for the cause, and history with the well-being in law movement — to lead IWIL to its next level.” said Buchanan. She continued, “He’s gifted with the leadership and vision we need as we mature organizationally, solidify our national leadership position and lead the profession to greater well-being.”  

In a professional capacity, Newbold has served with ALPS Malpractice Insurance since 2003, working with Bar associations, monitoring legal trends, and leading ALPS’ business development efforts. He’s nationally recognized for his work as a strategic planning facilitator to bar associations and bar foundations, the well-being movement, and advising state regulators and/or bar associations exploring the merits of implementing mandatory malpractice insurance requirements or stronger client-disclosure rules.  

 Newbold will lead a dynamic, diverse, and passionate IWIL Board of Directors 

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