I get it — you’re busy. But, you should never be too busy to let your good employees know they are appreciated. Here are 3 things you can do to let the people who work for you feel valued.

1. Tell them you appreciate them. Point out a specific task that you noticed they did well. Maybe it was a suggestion they gave you or maybe they worked late to get your discovery out on time. Sometimes they wonder whether you see or notice how hard they’re working and it’s important to let them know that you do.

2. On a regular basis — not just holidays or a day designated for assistants — treat them to coffee or donuts or maybe even give them a gift card to take their family to a movie. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gesture to be appreciated.

3. Defend them if an angry client or even an attorney from your own firm treats them disrespectfully. Sometimes you need to say, “You will not treat my assistant that way.” Too often it’s the employees who are doing poorly that get all our attention. Don’t forget your good employees. Kind gestures on a regular basis are important.

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