ALPS In Brief – Episode 61: A Dirty Little Secret About Conflict Resolution Claims

ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte shares the illuminating story of a law firm, their longstanding wealthy client who couldn’t close the deal on a massive project that would have netted the law firm millions in billables, and the unfortunate circumstances that followed when the firm moved the project forward with a different client to secure [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 60: The New Normal? Don’t Get Too Comfy…

As we transition to more permanent work-from-home schedules, the lack of supervision and a diminished sense of community could have bigger consequences. In our latest episode, Mark explores a few risky scenarios that have played out recently while lawyers work from home. He also explores some easy-to-implement solutions to keep you and your coworkers happy [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 59: When Things Go Off the Rails

Mark shares some stories of cancelled flights, employment emergencies, and more, to illustrate a timely point: When things go off the rails, being rude will get you nowhere. Instead of yelling and screaming in situations you can’t control, treat people with compassion, humanity, and respect, and see solutions present themselves. Transcript: Hello, I'm Mark Bassingthwaighte, [...]

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ALPS In Brief – Episode 58: The Vera Project

Mark Bassingthwaighte: Hello, I'm Mark Bassingthwaighte, the risk manager here at ALPS. And welcome to another episode of ALPS In Brief, the podcast that comes to you from the historic Florence building in beautiful downtown Missoula, Montana. Today, I wanted to spend a little time and share some backgrounds, introduce you to et cetera, to [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 57: How to Remain Cybersecure On the Road

As the world re-opens and you begin to stretch your legs, ALPS Risk Manager Mark B tells some true tales and offers some tips for safeguarding your client data and maintaining your firm’s cybersecurity from your phone, Airbnb, or the wide open road. Transcript: Mark Bassingthwaighte: Hello, I'm Mark Bassingthwaighte, the risk manager with ALPS, [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 56: A 2L’s Tale of “Zoom Law School” and the Virtues of Virtual

  In March of 2020, just as Katie Peterson’s first year of law school was nearing its close, everything changed. As Katie rounds out a full year of remote law school, she and ALPS Claims Attorney Martha Amrine reflect on how 2020 upended long-held law school traditions and created new ones. They talk about what [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 55: Estate Planning Gone Wrong

In this episode of the ALPS In Brief podcast, Mark Bassingthwaighte offers some insights in the arena of estate planning that are commonly overlooked. He covers dabbling, client misconceptions, common mishaps, beneficiary challenges, testamentary capacity nuances, and more. Listen in on these tips to keep in the back of your mind. Transcript: Hello and welcome. [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 54: The ALPS Vision Was, In Hindsight, 2020

Accountability, integrity, commitment. These values provide the lens through which ALPS realizes its vision. To live these values requires a culture of authenticity, a place where people can be true to themselves. In this episode of ALPS In Brief, ALPS President and CEO David Bell meets with ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte to reflect on [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 53: How to Handle Extraordinary Experiences

It was January of 2020 in Birmingham, Alabama. Jeremy woke to a noise in the middle of the night and went outside to investigate. He could see three men coming out of the woods behind his house. One of the men had something in his arms. Jeremy told them to stop, an altercation ensued, the [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 52: Listening to Your Life Part 2

As Mark alluded to in Part 1 of Listening to Your Life, the journey isn’t over. Mark recaps the lessons learned over a season of cycling, exceeding his distance goals, challenges he faced head-on (including 25 mph headwinds), and how listening to your life is a continuous trek that can help you be a more [...]

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