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ALPS In Brief – Episode 34: An ABA President’s Hope for the Future

What is the American Bar Association (ABA) doing to ensure there is a national voice for, not just the legal profession, but for vulnerable people and communities that we serve, to make sure that the Constitution is protected? As his term comes to an end, current ABA President Bob Carlson sits down with ALPS Executive [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 33: Responding to Violent Threats in the Workplace

Active shootings can happen anywhere, even in law firms. What can attorneys and their staff do to prepare and protect each other in these kinds of scenarios? Mark sits down with active-shooter response expert, retired U.S. army sniper, and Montana-licensed attorney Alain Burrese to discuss law firm safety tactics and active shooter protocol. Transcript:   [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 32: Making Your Mark

Trying to establish an advocate or mentor relationship as a woman in law? Andrea Canfield, president of the Anchorage Association of Women Lawyers and fifth-year Corporate Associate at Stoel Rives, offers advice and insights on how to successfully navigate a male-dominated practice group. Transcript: MARK B: Hello. I'm Mark Bassingthwaighte, the Risk Manager with ALPS. [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 31: We Have a Problem to Solve – Why Wellness at Work is a Win Win

Ready to make your health a priority in your law practice and daily worklife balance? Lauren Baptiste is partnering with ALPS for a 1-hour wellness webinar on May 15! Sign up now: "Why Making a Personal Wellness Pledge is Good for You and for Business"  We see malpractice claims result from failure to file a [...]

ALPS In Brief — Episode 30: Solo and Small Firms Should Make the Leap to Cybersecurity. It Matters.

Do you assume you don’t need to worry about being the target of a cyber attack because your business is too small? Often times, solo and small firms are seen as low-hanging fruit and are specifically targeted by hackers looking to gain valuable information. Solo attorney Suzan Herskowitz offers advice and insight into how she [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast — Episode 29: Falling in Love with the Cloud

On this special Valentine’s Day episode of ALPS In Brief, Mark sits down with Joshua Lenon, lawyer in residence and data protection officer for Clio, to hear firsthand how cloud products can make your law practice more secure and efficient. Fall in love with new features of law practice management and growth software that will [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 28: Making Healthy Goals into Realities

When our behaviors become destructive and start to negatively impact our health or relationships, we’re motivated to make a change, but change is hard! ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte and Dr. Kathleen Baskett weigh the strategies and skills needed to make healthy changes against the risk factors that may sabotage your success. Transcript MARK: Hello, [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 27: Adding Wellness to Your Workplace Every Day

Start the new year off on the right foot, or the left foot. Incorporating wellness into your everyday workplace routine can be as easy as putting on your socks! ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte chats with VIM & VIGR founder Michelle Huie who creates stylish compression socks by pairing personal expression with wellness — a [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 26: Paving the Way. Examining Idaho’s Model for Required Malpractice Insurance

Last year, Idaho became the second state to require malpractice insurance for private practitioners — and the first to adopt an open-market model to serve their state bar members. How did year one go? ALPS Executive Vice President Chris Newbold checks in with Diane Minnich, Executive Director of the Idaho State Bar, to find out [...]

ALPS In Brief Podcast – Episode 25: Avoiding Claims – 6 Practices Every Lawyer Should Implement

In this episode of the ALPS in Brief podcast, ALPS claims attorney Kobi Gibbs sits down with ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte to offer examples and advise on best practices to implement to avoid finding yourself dealing with claims. ALPS In Brief, The ALPS Risk Management Podcast, is hosted by ALPS Risk Manager, Mark Bassingthwaighte. [...]

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