Law and Gardening

“We must cultivate our garden.” —Voltaire, Candide I wasn’t much of a Voltaire fan when I was assigned Candide in a European History course in college, which seems like 100 years ago.  Truth be told, I find it about as impenetrable today as I did back then.  As an avid vegetable gardener, however, I find [...]

Do Attorneys Guarantee Success in Business Transactions?

Does this article’s title make you nervous?  It should.  With the unfortunate failures of many businesses due to the pandemic, we suspect claims of this nature will increase.  It seems many clients believe that when they hire a transactional attorney, the attorney will prevent all possible adverse consequences.  These same clients also seem to believe [...]

The Ultimate “Should I Report This” Malpractice Insurance Checklist

Here at ALPS, all of us who work in claims and risk management periodically take calls from lawyers unsure if they need to report a claim. While we view reaching out for assistance in working through this important decision as a good thing, we also recognize that some lawyers will choose not to if for [...]

5 Ways to Make Life Easier for You (and Your Claims Attorney)

Lawyers are busy. We’ve got briefs to write, hearings to attend, depositions to prepare for, and trials to worry about. There are 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week and somehow still not enough time to get it all done. Our plates are so full of tasks and deadlines and meetings [...]

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Working on Healthy Attorney Client Relationships

As I sit at home working in relative isolation wondering when the second COVID-19 wave will crest (or is it part two of the first wave?), I have some additional time to ponder some of the whys of the claims currently on report.  You have no doubt read many articles — some here I hope [...]

Are You A Fixer? Don’t Try to Fix Your Potential Malpractice Claim

Attorneys are fixers. This characteristic may be natural for some or was instilled and molded through law school for others but, however it came to be, attorneys fix legal problems. Consequently, if an attorney is presented with a legal problem, they attempt to fix it. Hammer, meet nail. The problem with being a fixer of [...]

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Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Q: What do you get when you cross the Godfather with a lawyer? A: An offer you can't understand. Q: How does an attorney sleep? A: First he lies on one side, then he lies on the other. It seems like there are more lawyer jokes than stars in the sky, and there may not [...]

Don’t Leave Yourself Exposed – The New Year is the Perfect Time to Evaluate Your Professional Liability Coverage Limits

January is a time for making new resolutions, setting goals and evaluating what works and what can be improved. Generally, a majority of these discussions focus on exercise, diet, and healthy living. But what about you and your law firm’s financial health? It is critical for your firm to maintain appropriate professional liability coverage, especially [...]

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