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It’s All In The Execution: 4 Keys To Executing A Settlement Agreement

After you’ve settled a case and prepared the final settlement papers memorializing the agreement, all that’s left for the parties to do is execute that agreement. You’re close to the finish line—don’t slack off yet! The final step in any settlement is for the parties to exchange the final settlement document (i.e., release or settlement agreement or both) and [...]

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The Green Rush: Can City Regulations Keep Up?

The Los Angeles Times calls it “The Green Rush,” referring to the newly-lucrative cultivation of premium marijuana to serve the “discriminating consumers who frequent medical cannabis dispensaries.”  California laws permitting medical marijuana have spawned an industry that has moved from remote, clandestine locations to our city centers. But what’s become a boom for growers and sellers is causing [...]

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Real Estate Lawyers Beware

Kurt LeVitus, a Chicago attorney, recently warned real estate lawyer colleagues to watch out for scams targeting their area of practice on the ISBA's online Elder Law Section discussion group. An article penned by Helen W. Gunnarsson about this topic reads: “At the end of the closing in a lawyer's office, the lawyer hands the [...]

Get Attached! Using A Writ Of Attachment In Construction

The following is a guest blog post by Julie Brook, Esq., Legal Editor with the CEB Blog. A construction project is like a marriage. As with any marriage, there are inevitably some bumps along the way. If the bumps are too big, one or both sides call their lawyers and file for divorce. Construction law practitioners who find their [...]

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Charting The Jury

Do you have trouble remembering names at a cocktail party? Imagine trying to remember names and facts about potential jurors under the pressure of voir dire examination! There is a handy tool to help with this — a jury box chart. Attorneys should always take notes during the court’s or other counsel’s questioning of prospective jurors [...]

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Choosing An Expert Witness: Insider Or Outsider

When choosing an expert witness in a case, you may have a choice between an insider, i.e., an employee-expert, versus an outside expert. Deciding which one to use requires an understanding of the pros and cons of the employee-expert. Your client may have employees who are experts, particularly in medical malpractice, products liability, insurance (bad faith), and commercial [...]

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You Can’t Win If The Jury Doesn’t Understand Your Case: 6 Ways To Better Communicate With The Jury

Most attorneys, when planning case strategy, focus on cross-examination, opening statement, and legal questions. But overarching all of these, and fundamental to any case, is this question: “How am I going to make a jury understand my case?” As the lawyer, you’ve been living with a case for as long as you can remember (or at least a year [...]

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