How to Avoid Getting Hooked by Phishing

This blog post is in partnership with LMG Security. We're also hosting a 3-part CLE Cybersecurity Academy with LMG Security on September 14, October 19, and November 9. With professional hackers and cybersecurity criminals posing a constant threat to law firms big and small, the reality is that your firm’s sensitive data will always be [...]

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Don’t Fall for the Trust Account Scam

The idea of the Nigerian e-mail scam in which the rich Prince finds himself needing a few thousand dollars from you so that he can obtain his rightful kingdom and then reward you richly for your help has been around so long it qualifies as Internet lore.   The scam involves some version of a [...]

Spot Email Fraud Before You Lose Money

Cybercriminals are on the hunt for a large payout, and email is big game. Why email? We tend to forget how much sensitive information we share in our email communications during the course of our busy workdays. To the hacker, that information represents opportunity. Millions of email accounts are hacked every year. The BIG payoffs, [...]

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Ransomware in the Supply Chain – Are You at Risk?

7 tips for protecting your community from attacks like the one on Colonial Pipeline   By LMG Security  The recent ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline showed just how “connected” we all are – and how an attack not only impacts the company itself, but EVERYONE that depends on that organization.   The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline – which supplies gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to a large chunk of [...]

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ALPS In Brief – Episode 57: How to Remain Cybersecure On the Road

As the world re-opens and you begin to stretch your legs, ALPS Risk Manager Mark B tells some true tales and offers some tips for safeguarding your client data and maintaining your firm’s cybersecurity from your phone, Airbnb, or the wide open road. Transcript: Mark Bassingthwaighte: Hello, I'm Mark Bassingthwaighte, the risk manager with ALPS, [...]

4 Crucial Steps for Data Breach Containment

We're excited to share a guest blog from Karen Sprenger, COO and chief ransomware negotiator at — one of our cybersecurity and incident response partners!  Every organization, big and small, experiences security incidents, but a data breach containment plan can make a crucial difference in the extent of your exposure and losses. While it’s [...]

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Why Taking Another Look at the Risk of Inadvertent Disclosure at Your Firm Might Be Worthwhile

A lawyer and non-lawyer business partner own a business.  These two have a falling out and litigation ensues. The non-lawyer business partner and other third parties have access to and are continuing to use one of the business’s shared calendars. The lawyer can therefore see when any of these folks schedule an appointment, to include [...]

How to Secure the Wi-Fi Router in Your Home

These days, most lawyers are taking appropriate steps to see that all work-related servers, computers, mobile devices, and cloud-based apps are properly secured.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about all their personal devices and accounts.  Admittedly, while more than a few give it the old college try, one personal device that is often overlooked [...]

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Security Assessments and Pen Tests for Law Firms

The Perfect Storm is Headed Your Way The way law firms operate has undergone a drastic change over the past year, in both the physical and digital worlds. We saw law firm employees working remotely, a heavier reliance on cloud-based technology solutions and services and firms operating on a reduced budget through the economic crisis [...]

We Don’t Keep Client Personal Info, So We Don’t Need Cyber Coverage, Right? Wrong!

Lawyers often share with us that, as they see it, they really don’t need a cyber liability policy.  They seem to base this conclusion on the fact that they believe they are not subject to the HIPPA regulations or their state’s breach notification laws and/or that they intentionally don’t store much in the way of [...]

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