Why Failing to Provide Mandatory Security Awareness Training is a Huge Misstep

I will admit that, at times and with topics such as cyber security, I can come across as overbearing to some and as a fearmonger to others.  Speaking honestly, however, I never try to come across that way.  Cybersecurity is simply a topic I am passionate about.  Whenever I speak or write on this topic, [...]

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ALPS In Brief — Episode 49: Would You Send All Your Money to a Scammer? Maybe You Just Did.

A lawyer was waiting on a fax with all the information she needed to complete a wire transfer. Fax received, money sent. What she didn’t know? Her email had been hacked. Cybercriminals had intercepted the fax and edited the wire transfer details before sending it. The money was gone. The worst part? This new cybersecurity [...]

Law Firm Caught in $312,000 Scam Can’t Hold Bank Liable

Bob Ambrogi's LawSites blog reported on May 21 that Boston law firm Sarrouf Law LLP got scammed in 2015, depositing a counterfeit check to its trust account with First Republic Bank and then instructing the bank to disperse the funds by wire transfer to banks in Cambodia and Hong Kong. It's a garden variety scam. The lawyer [...]

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ALPS In Brief — Episode 47: Guard Your Data Like Gold and Other Practical Tips from a Hacker

We are using personal devices for work (and working from home) more than we ever have before. These are both big risk factors as cybersecurity threats have soared during the pandemic. So, how do we make security sustainable and not live life at the hackers’ mercy? ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte sits down with Sherri [...]

9 Ways to Protect Your Firm and Clients from Current Cybersecurity Threats

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most law firms to conduct business in ways they had not done before.  Many firms were forced to transition to work from home on short notice and were required to make the transition without ample time to consider best cyber practices.  This situation is not ideal for law firms as lawyers [...]

ALPS Adds International Cybersecurity Expert Sherri Davidoff of LMG Security to its Board of Directors

Effective at the May 2020 ALPS Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the addition of Sherri Davidoff to its ranks. Sherri is the CEO of LMG Security, as well as a noted speaker, trainer, white hat hacker and author of the recently released book, “Data Breaches: Crisis and Opportunity.” As a recognized expert in cybersecurity [...]

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How to Responsibly Embrace Any and All Digital Tech in the Practice of Law

In many jurisdictions, commentary to Rule of Professional Conduct 1.1 Competency states that lawyers are to keep abreast of the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.  With that language in mind, do you actually do so?  I ask because in my world I often find that lawyers are pretty good at evaluating the benefits [...]

Company Sues Its Law Firm Over Data Breach

The following is a post by guest blogger Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., President of Sensei Enterprises, Inc., a digital forensics, cybersecurity and information technology firm in Fairfax, Virginia. Security Boulevard reported on April 20 that insurance company Hiscox has sued one of its law firms, Warden Grier, a four-person firm in Missouri. It had hired the firm [...]

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6 Law Firm Cybersecurity Rules for Working From Home

During the nation-wide stay at home directive to combat the spread of Covid-19, we’ve all missed some of the luxuries we are used to. One such luxury is the safe and secure offices we work in. At our offices, we have systems in place in order to ensure that all our client information stays safe [...]

There’s Something “Phishy” about Certain Text Messages

For the sake of your clients, I hope you, and every other person who works at your firm, know full well what phishing attacks are and at least the basics of how these email attacks can be thwarted. If not, it’s way past time for everyone to come up to speed, and I strongly encourage [...]

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