Microsoft Teams for Lawyers

Background Thrust into the Work-From-Home (often seen online as WFH) environment, many lawyers scrambled to learn the technologies that would allow them to continue their practice of law during the pandemic. Finding solutions that would allow lawyers to continue to take client meetings, albeit virtually, became a priority. The pandemic way of life was new [...]

To Arbitrate or Not To Arbitrate? That Is the Question

Many states permit lawyers to include in their engagement agreements arbitration provisions which would require potential clients to arbitrate future malpractice claims. It is an issue with which many states are now grappling, so it would behoove lawyers to check the law in their own states if they are considering including such a clause. States [...]

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ALPS In Brief – Episode 56: A 2L’s Tale of “Zoom Law School” and the Virtues of Virtual

  In March of 2020, just as Katie Peterson’s first year of law school was nearing its close, everything changed. As Katie rounds out a full year of remote law school, she and ALPS Claims Attorney Martha Amrine reflect on how 2020 upended long-held law school traditions and created new ones. They talk about what [...]

Security Assessments and Pen Tests for Law Firms

The Perfect Storm is Headed Your Way The way law firms operate has undergone a drastic change over the past year, in both the physical and digital worlds. We saw law firm employees working remotely, a heavier reliance on cloud-based technology solutions and services and firms operating on a reduced budget through the economic crisis [...]

“Deep Thoughts or Reflections” from 2020

2020 has been a year of challenges for most people, not just attorneys, both personally and professionally.  The virus has created significant stress, economic hardship, and strain across the nation. The strain is exacerbated by the need for social distancing to prevent the continued spread of the virus. We cannot just reach out and give [...]

If You Are Hit by Ransomware, Do You Negotiate? If So, How?

The following post was originally published on October 1 on If You Are Hit by Ransomware, Do You Negotiate? If So, How? Man, that's a good question. Why would you ever pay? Especially if you have good backups? As cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier notes in a blog post, there are solid arguments for and against [...]

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Do Attorneys Guarantee Success in Business Transactions?

Does this article’s title make you nervous?  It should.  With the unfortunate failures of many businesses due to the pandemic, we suspect claims of this nature will increase.  It seems many clients believe that when they hire a transactional attorney, the attorney will prevent all possible adverse consequences.  These same clients also seem to believe [...]

ALPS In Brief — Episode 51: You can’t spell DIVORCE without COVID

It’s no secret that society has seen an uptick in divorces since the start of the pandemic, but there have also been some silver linings in this unlikely space. Katie Mazurek is a Bozeman, Montana-based attorney with Element Law Group. Focusing on family law, Katie brings a different approach to the way she guides clients [...]

Proactive Estate Planning

Janel Chin, owner of Peaks and Valleys Legal Services, reflects on the undue pressures placed on her clients, particularly women, who end up with the brunt of stressors related to inadequate or no estate planning on the part of their family members. She offers some good advice for what other estate planning attorneys can do [...]

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