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ALPS In Brief — Episode 51: You can’t spell DIVORCE without COVID

It’s no secret that society has seen an uptick in divorces since the start of the pandemic, but there have also been some silver linings in this unlikely space. Katie Mazurek is a Bozeman, Montana-based attorney with Element Law Group. Focusing on family law, Katie brings a different approach to the way she guides clients [...]

Proactive Estate Planning

Janel Chin, owner of Peaks and Valleys Legal Services, reflects on the undue pressures placed on her clients, particularly women, who end up with the brunt of stressors related to inadequate or no estate planning on the part of their family members. She offers some good advice for what other estate planning attorneys can do [...]

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Law Firm Caught in $312,000 Scam Can’t Hold Bank Liable

Bob Ambrogi's LawSites blog reported on May 21 that Boston law firm Sarrouf Law LLP got scammed in 2015, depositing a counterfeit check to its trust account with First Republic Bank and then instructing the bank to disperse the funds by wire transfer to banks in Cambodia and Hong Kong. It's a garden variety scam. The lawyer [...]

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3 Suggestions for Staying On Track While Working From Home

WFH – Work From Home. Are you doing it? Do you love it or hate it? I’m doing it right now. Here are 3 suggestions for staying on track during this strange time. Make sure you and your assistant keep updated on the temporary procedures of the different jurisdictions in which you practice. It may [...]

ALPS In Brief — Episode 40: How to Have a Family and Stay Active in Your Practice

By instituting newer concepts prioritizing work-life balance like flexible hours and an in-house, certified childcare center, one firm has found a way to attract (and keep) great talent that’s often overlooked: new moms who would prefer not to work full time. ALPS Underwriting Manager Leah Gooley and Brooke Barney, a founding member of Barney & [...]

ALPS In Brief — Episode 39: It’s Okay to Hit the Pause Button on Work

A women-owned law firm in Fredericksburg, Virginia committed to accommodating family priorities into their work schedules. When a partner left the firm after her maternity leave and was asked back months later, a potential gap in her malpractice insurance coverage led the firm to ALPS Parental Leave Coverage. ALPS Underwriting Manager and new mom Leah [...]

How to Find Balance – Insights from a Solo Practitioner

The following is a guest post from solo practitioner Suzan Herskowitz. It's everywhere. You must have work/life balance. There are umpteen articles and podcasts on how to achieve it. That balance. Almost all of them seem to focus on fitness and nutrition. Because as a lawyer with a 10-hour workday ahead, I really want to [...]

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