In Pursuit of Happiness

I invite you to think about and answer the following three questions. Would you describe yourself as someone who is generally happy as an attorney? Are you proud of and satisfied with your professional accomplishments? Is a sense of purpose present in your professional life? A negative response to any of these questions is perfectly [...]

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Are Impaired Lawyers Insurable?

Multiple lawyers and firms have reached out to me over the years, each concerned about impairment and wanting to discuss their options.  In light of these conversations, and with a desire to put a significant misconception to rest, I have asked and answered several questions as a way to share my response. What is your [...]

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Let’s Give Each Other Some Grace…

I really struggled this month to find a topic to write about. In fact, I simply did not want to write this blog. Monday I took a partial “mental health day” hoping to feel better. I simply felt a bit overwhelmed. I was frustrated I did not get enough done over the weekend from my [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 60: The New Normal? Don’t Get Too Comfy…

As we transition to more permanent work-from-home schedules, the lack of supervision and a diminished sense of community could have bigger consequences. In our latest episode, Mark explores a few risky scenarios that have played out recently while lawyers work from home. He also explores some easy-to-implement solutions to keep you and your coworkers happy [...]

ALPS In Brief – Episode 59: When Things Go Off the Rails

Mark shares some stories of cancelled flights, employment emergencies, and more, to illustrate a timely point: When things go off the rails, being rude will get you nowhere. Instead of yelling and screaming in situations you can’t control, treat people with compassion, humanity, and respect, and see solutions present themselves. Transcript: Hello, I'm Mark Bassingthwaighte, [...]

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Path To Well-Being In Law: Episode 17 – Jennifer Leonard

Transcript: CHRIS NEWBOLD: Hello, well-being friends and welcome to the Path to Well-Being in Law podcast, an initiative of the Institute for Well-Being in Law. I'm your cohost CHRIS:, Executive Vice President of ALPS Malpractice Insurance. And again, most of, I think, our listeners know what our goal is but let me reiterate that we [...]

Virtue Signaling

Saying something so others think of us as being caring or virtuous, is hardly a new phenomenon. Turns out, however, that actually doing something is often a different story. The not-so-subtle cynicism that lies just below the surface of that kind of virtue signaling, however, is really troubling. If nothing else, it gives one pause to wonder [...]

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Path To Well-Being In Law: Episode 14 – Kyle McEntee

Chris Newbold: Hello, wellbeing friends, and welcome to the Path to Wellbeing in Law Podcast, an initiative of the Institute for Wellbeing in Law. I'm your cohost, Chris Newbold, executive vice president of ALPS Malpractice Insurance. You listeners know that our goal is pretty simple. We want to bring you thought leaders doing meaningful work [...]

Path To Well-Being In Law Podcast: Episode 12 – Steven Wall

Transcript:  CHRIS NEWBOLD: Hello, friends and well-being advocates. Welcome to the Path to Well-Being In Law podcast, an initiative of the Institute for Well-Being In Law. I'm your co-host Chris Newbold, Executive Vice President of ALPS Malpractice Insurance. And as you know, our goal is to introduce you to thought leaders doing meaningful work in [...]

Why There is No Such Thing as a New Normal

I’ve been telecommuting for over a decade now, so when a COVID-19 stay at home order finally made its way to Montana, not much changed for me personally, at least in terms of my work routine.  In fact, it actually got a bit better due to the adjustments ALPS had to quickly implement in order [...]

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