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ALPS In Brief — Episode 48: Is This My Life Now?

Lawyers become lawyers to help people. To right wrongs, to champion for justice. While law school prepares you substantively for the legal issues you’ll face in private practice, it doesn’t address the systemically unhealthy cultural expectations of the profession.  Five years in, one new lawyer found that the tremendous workload, low associate’s salary in the [...]

Proactive Estate Planning

Janel Chin, owner of Peaks and Valleys Legal Services, reflects on the undue pressures placed on her clients, particularly women, who end up with the brunt of stressors related to inadequate or no estate planning on the part of their family members. She offers some good advice for what other estate planning attorneys can do [...]

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Why You Should Prioritize Taking Care of Yourself

The best risk management advice I will ever have to offer is simply this: Never minimize the importance taking care of yourself.  I know it sounds simple, yet so many seem to struggle with it over the long-term.  I really do believe that taking this advice to heart can not only make a world of [...]

ALPS In Brief — Episode 46: What if Goat Yoga Isn’t Your Thing?

On this episode of ALPS In Brief, at the beginning of Lawyer Wellbeing Week and Mental Health Awareness month, Mark sits down with Liesel Brink, head of HR at ALPS to ask her a loaded question: Why would an employer want to invest time or money in prioritizing employee wellness? Transcript: MARK BASSINGTHWAIGHTE: Hello. Welcome to ALPS In Brief, the [...]

3 Suggestions for Staying On Track While Working From Home

WFH – Work From Home. Are you doing it? Do you love it or hate it? I’m doing it right now. Here are 3 suggestions for staying on track during this strange time. Make sure you and your assistant keep updated on the temporary procedures of the different jurisdictions in which you practice. It may [...]

5 Ways Law Firms Can Get Ahead of COVID-19

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We talk a lot about risk management here at ALPS, but what we're really talking about is prevention — systems and practices that your firm can put into place to help catch human error before the mistake causes harm to a client’s case. We all [...]

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ALPS In Brief — Episode 43: The Problem Lies with the Culture

ALPS Risk Manager Mark Bassingthwaighte shares two real-world stories of attorneys struggling with behaviors that often lead to malpractice claims. As a legal community, it is our duty to lift each other up and to provide hope and support to one another. It is time for us to concede that addiction, depression, and burnout are [...]

Law Firms And Data Storytelling, Part 3

This is the third in a series of three blog posts on Law Firms and Data Storytelling. Last time banging this particular drum. And, yes, I'll say it one more time: People look at statistics (data), but they feel, and respond to, stories — especially stories about people! Part three of this series expands upon the question asked in [...]

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