We’ve all had difficult clients. In the best of times, they can be a challenge but in the times we’re living in right now they can be even more unpleasant.

Here are 3 suggestions for dealing with difficult clients in difficult times.

  1. Before speaking with them, have a plan. Know what you need to accomplish with your communication and try to keep the client focused on whatever issue needs to be discussed.
  2. Be an active listener. Make sure the client knows you are hearing what their concerns are.
  3. Instead of focusing on what makes this client difficult, find something about them you admire or like. For example, I’ve said to a client, “I really admire your fighting spirit.” Re-framing that person’s behavior in your own mind can help.

Client control is one of the most challenging parts of being a lawyer and certain clients test your skills more than ever. Don’t make the mistake of procrastinating when it comes to these clients. You’ll be happier and they will be happier if you deal with their issue and move on.


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