There may be people in both your professional and personal lives who are at the opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the level of precautions, mask wearing and physical distancing they want to do in the time of COVID.

The most solid advice I’ve heard is from a good friend who is a psychiatrist. She’s dealing with many families who are in conflict because of one family member wanting to take more strict precautions and another family member who is less concerned.

My friend’s advice to the family is simple and effective: people should honor whatever the most restrictive person in the family wants to do.

And that’s my advice for your law practice as well.

If someone wants everyone to wear masks all the time, that’s what you all do.
If someone will not allow anyone in their personal office space, you don’t go in.
If someone wants to do client meetings, mediation and settlement conferences by telephone or video, you figure out how to make that happen.

Lawyers solve complicated problems every day. I’m here to tell you – this isn’t that complicated. Do whatever the most restrictive person wants to do, don’t complain about it, and get to work.


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