It’s Friday the 13th, or any other day of the month for that matter, and your local process server appears at your door with a subpoena for your attendance at a hearing and for the production of documents.  The subpoena requires information related to the representation of your former client, Ima Headache.  You may not have ever thought about what you might do when being court-ordered to give information about a client or former client – until this scenario actually happens to you.  Is there any assistance under your ALPS policy for this situation?  Possibly.

The ALPS Premier policy, soon available to many law firms, will offer a subpoena assistance benefit.  This benefit covers the cost of legal counsel to advise and assist an attorney regarding the production of documents, prepare the attorney for his or her testimony, and represent the attorney at the deposition.  This policy benefit pays up to $50,000 per policy period and the deductible does not apply.

If this benefit is of interest to your firm, please talk with your ALPS account representative about the possibility of obtaining this benefit under your next ALPS policy.

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