Our friends at AttorneyAtWork.com have an excellent “Ask The Experts” post today on how law firms can intelligently fend off cyber-attacks – attacks which can compromise client data and do irreparable harm to a law firm’s image and reputation.

Elias Montoya writes:

“The biggest immediate threat is your own internal users. Their lack of knowledge, combined with the ingenuity of hackers, makes them the primary target of cyber-crimes. Investing time and resources in educating attorneys and support staff, in conjunction with sound policies, is the best way to minimize such risks. Educate people on the importance of security, why policy exists and the consequences of not abiding by such policies. They should know the ultimate goal of these policies is to protect the firm and the client’s data, which everyone has an obligation to protect.”

Check out the entire post here.

Also note that if your firm does not have cyber coverage, it is available to ALPS malpractice policyholders on an opt-out basis. Learn more about how ALPS Cyber Response coverage can help assist your firm in the event of a data breach. This policy was designed by cyber risk experts and is tailored specifically to attorneys, providing real time solutions if your computer network is compromised. Get covered today!


Kiffin Hope is a freelance digital marketing and social media strategist. He blogs on all things cyber, tech, and emerging trends in digital.

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