Let's Give Each Other Some Grace...

Let's Give Each Other Some Grace...

I really struggled this month to find a topic to write about. In fact, I simply did not want to write this blog. Monday I took a partial “mental health day” hoping to feel better.

I simply felt a bit overwhelmed. I was frustrated I did not get enough done over the weekend from my “to do list.” I was also a bit annoyed that there never seems to be enough time for work, life and to actually have a life.
But it wasn’t just that. It was the self-awareness that I was feeling angry and annoyed. It seems like I am not the only person who is feeling angry and annoyed … over just about everything. Civil debate is not happening over what have been deemed politically divisive topics. Friendships have been lost, families are not speaking… COVID, Masks, Finances, Spouses, Parents, Friends, Kids, Pets, Work, Vaccines, Mandates, Personal Freedom, Religion, Selfishness, Burnout, Supply Chain, Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Hoarders, Pumpkin Spice Latte!

You might be angry and annoyed right now too. Am I right? Just the words seem to bring a fight or flight response. The holiday season is now kicking off – not with Black Friday but now, right now, before Halloween! Retailers are telling you to buy now or there will not be anything left to put under the tree at Christmas. When you hear holiday music in the store tomorrow, will you feel joyful? Or angry? We are heading into what is supposed to be the season of Thanksgiving but with everything happening in the world today, it can be difficult to feel thankful or joyful. However, studies show that concentrating on our blessings and who and what we are grateful for is exactly what is needed in order to flip our perspective.
Some practical ideas to consider:

1: Limiting your time watching news or social media
2: Try meditating/quiet time for reflection or praying for 10-15 minutes a couple of times a day to settle your mind and re-set
3: Snuggle with your puppies or take them for a walk
4: Give everyone (including yourself) a little grace.

You never know what someone else is going through – we can all use a little grace. Have a great day.

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Kobi L. Gibbs is a Senior Claims Attorney with ALPS Property & Casualty Insurance Company responsible for managing complex high exposure legal malpractice claims, coverage litigation, cyber and employment liability claims. Kobi has been with ALPS for 14 years and has conducted extensive risk management visits at law firms around the country. Kobi routinely presents to attorneys on professional liability risk management. Before joining ALPS, Kobi worked in private practice focusing on tax and estate planning and at the Yellowstone County Public Defender’s Office in Billings, Montana, where she tried felony criminal cases. Kobi received her Bachelor of Science in Economics with Honors from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana and her Juris Doctorate and Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Willamette University College of Law in Salem, Oregon.