Guest Blogger Karen Thalacker digs deep into that short, little 4-letter word that we just don’t seem to have enough of these days.

What is the 4-letter word that annoys lawyers the most? That 4 letter word is “time.”  Most of us feel like we don’t have enough time on a normal day so when an event occurs that requires our immediate attention and then the preparation and filing of a document, it can be a challenge.

Here are 3 suggestions for what to do when time is short and the pressure is on:

1 – Stay focused.  This is not the time for multi-tasking. Continuing to send emails and take phone calls on other cases may lead to mistakes.

2 – Reach out to someone in your office.  Let them know what’s going on and have them proofread your document prior to filing.

Finally – Never forget that your emergency is not someone else’s emergency.  Courtesy matters even when you’re running short on time.

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