Monday March 9, 2015 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington State Bar Association announces ALPS as its newly endorsed carrier for lawyers’ professional liability insurance

Based on the company’s understanding of bar associations, proven track record, financial stability, excellent policy coverages and proactive risk management practices, the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) announced ALPS as its endorsed carrier for the purpose of offering and underwriting lawyers’ professional liability insurance in the State of Washington.  The WSBA’s endorsement of ALPS increases the number of state bar associations who either endorse or affiliate with ALPS to fifteen, more than any other lawyers’ malpractice insurance carrier in the market.

“ALPS is committed to loss prevention and offers a breadth of risk management resources that will be of value to our members.  With its understanding of bar associations and its position as the largest direct writer of lawyers’ professional liability insurance in the country, ALPS is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of Washington lawyers,” said WSBA Executive Director Paula Littlewood.

ALPS will work with the law practice management staff of the WSBA on loss prevention, update bar leadership on developments in the malpractice insurance market, provide access to innovative and expanding risk management tools and resources, and provide access to in-kind resources and financial support to programs of mutual benefit to ALPS and WSBA members.

The WSBA will identify and represent to bar members that ALPS is the endorsed carrier of the lawyers’ malpractice insurance, and will refer Bar member LPL inquiries to ALPS.

“ALPS has been a consistent and stable provider of professional liability insurance, and we’re excited about this opportunity to increase our presence in the Washington market.  The WSBA is a respected leader nationally in providing solutions to the challenges faced by the legal profession.  We’re proud of this more formal association with the Bar, the work it does to advance the interests of lawyers in Washington and the capabilities we bring to the relationship,” said Chris Newbold, Executive Vice President of ALPS.

In addition to its comprehensive insurance coverage, ALPS assists firms in effectively managing law practice risks, with particular attention to small law firms and solo practitioners.  ALPS risk management program actively develops educational resources and seminars to protect and guide lawyers toward a more successful and risk-free practice.  Washington attorneys will have direct access to all facets of ALPS insurance operations, including sales, account management, underwriting and claims specialists.

Lawyer-friendly policy features are a key reason why state bars favor ALPS. Coverage features provided by ALPS, but not always available through other carriers include:

  • Defense Costs Paid in Addition to the Limits of Liability
  • Input on selection of mutually acceptable defense representation
  • No “Hammer Clause” regarding the appropriateness of a settlement
  • First Dollar Defense: Avoid paying deductible for defense costs if no loss payment is incurred
  • Availability of Extended Reporting Endorsements
  • Two deductible maximum per policy year

Washington lawyers can learn more about the endorsement and benefits of being an ALPS policyholder here:

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